Where and How Can I Pick Up Hot Moms?

Where can I pick up hot moms?

Where to go to pick up hot moms and slut wives.

You need to know where to go and what to say to pick up a hot mom, sexy MILF or slut wife for some sexual adventures!

If you are wanting to pick up hot moms for sex, where you go will depend on where you live and what you have got around you.

If you live in a decent sized city, it is a good bet to go to the mall and shop the higher-end stores like Macy’s or Nordstrom’s and pretend you’re looking for some new clothes. Of course this will be an excellent reason to ask her for her opinion of one’s choices.

If luxury stores aren’t available or just aren’t your scene try casinos.  Lots of hot wives and sexy MILFs hang out there and use them to cruise for sex. Plus you immediately have something in common just by being there.

Bars are usually a no-go.  There is too much the women and competition are primed for combat.  Instead, try a classy Asian or European restaurant at lunchtime and offer to buy dessert or coffee for that attractive MILF that is sitting by herself.

The essential point here will be make sure you are polite, well-groomed Remember, most MILFs So picking up hot wives and MILFs will take upping your game!

Picking Up Hot Moms Online

You can hot moms and slut wives online, with some success, provided you know how to message women and get them interested via texts and messenger services.  Where you hunt will have a great deal to do with how successful you are at picking up MILFs.  There are a couple of sites I particularly like for this, them being Adult Friend Finder, SexAds and MILF Flings.


The key here is to make sure you know how to text message women.  The same skills you would use texting a hot wife on your phone come into play when you are messaging her online!  If you aren’t sure about your texting skills (and they need to be sharp!)  I would suggest taking a look at the Magnetic Messaging System.  

It really improved my text and personal ad game!

Good luck and good hunting!



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