How to Message Girls for Sex

You got her number in the bar, now do you know what to text her to get a date?

How To Text Flirt With A Girl You Just Met

You Got Her Number, But Now How Do You Start Flirting With Her Via Text? You manned up and talked to a hot babe and got her number, but now how to text flirt with a girl you just met so that she will want to go out with you. That is the real question […]

Tips on Texting Women for Sex

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How Not to Start A Texting Conversation

“Wanna Text” Is a Crime Punishable By Celibacy Look guys, some of what you text girls is depressing!  I pulled this example of what not to text a girl off Tumblr as posted by  thecupidtrials: I exchanged a few messages with this chap, but, in the end, I had to say no thanks. Well duh!  […]

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What to Text Girls When You Have Nothing to Say

“I want to text this girl, but I feel like I have nothing to say to her!” If you are like most guys, until you get a good bit of practice in texting girls in, you will have this nagging feeling that you don’t have anything to say to a girl, or know how to […]