How to Message Girls for Sex

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20 Text Messages To Start A Naughty Conversation

20 sexy messages to start a sexy conversation Starting a sexy text conversation is an art.  You can’t directly message a girl for sex and expect a great response.  They like mystery and not the direct “are you horny?” approach.  Start a sexy text conversation with a subtle or confusing lead in message. Instead, give […]

Tips on Texting Women for Sex

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What to Text Girls When You Have Nothing to Say

“I want to text this girl, but I feel like I have nothing to say to her!” If you are like most guys, until you get a good bit of practice in texting girls in, you will have this nagging feeling that you don’t have anything to say to a girl, or know how to […]

Best Texts to Send Girls if You Want Sex!

 Texting girls to make them want to have sex with you. If you are struggling with getting girls to go out with you or making them want to have sex with you using text messages, you really need to watch this video.  It does a great job of explaining what the best texts to send […]

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